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Subject:  Re: Socialized medicine - Part Nth Date:  10/3/2012  4:55 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  646789 of 876086

"The Medicare Trustees Report released today shows that the Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund is expected to remain solvent until 2024, the same as last year’s estimate, but action is needed to secure its long-term future. In 2011, the HI Trust Fund expenditures were lower than expected. "


The Hospital Trust Fund is full of IOUs......all the money that came in was spent.

In order to have money to 2024, the government will have to cash in those other words, borrow more money to pay back the IOUs in the 'trust fund' which has zero balance.

So...from now till then, each year, the gov't will 'cash in' those IOUs and borrow even more pay for them.

Same with the shell game called SS....there is no money in the 'trust fund'. Just IOUs,...and to 'redeem' them, the gov't has to borrow trillions more!....

Libruls - math challenged....and politicians...slimeball 'shell game' players.

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