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Subject:  Why Yes, My Kindle Does Save Me Money Date:  10/3/2012  6:14 PM
Author:  LaraAmber Number:  867731 of 890137

Prompted by my new Kindle arriving today:

I've gotten some comments from people in Real Life about my Kindle being a "luxury" or something I only have because I like tech (uh, no I like to read). Since I'm a huge data person, I've been tracking what I've spent on the Kindles since I first got them. So here's the math.

Hardware Costs: $816.97
Kindle 2 $359
Kindle 2 Case $29.99
Kindle 3 & Case (Free, gift to husband from his family)
Kindle Touch $149
Kindle Touch Case $59.99
Kindle PaperWhite $179.00
Kindle PaperWhite Case $39.99

Cost of Books: $2,127.56

These seem like huge numbers, but it's actually a savings. I've read 311 books on my Kindles since February 2009 so average cost was $6.84 per book. I've saved through cheaper prices then the print copy, special deals (get it for $1 today, back to full price tomorrow), and borrowing books from the local library and Amazon Prime Lending Library. Before the Kindle I didn't even have a library card (other people's germs, scribbles, etc. no thanks). Before this I purchased hardback (larger type, ink less likely to come off on hands, books don't fall apart in one reading).

So books that would have cost me $15-$30 a copy, are now less than $7. I don't have to use any gas to go get books and I saving on sales tax (less even when I do need to pay on certain books).

So assuming $20 a hardback:

$6,220-$2,127.56-$816.67=$3,275.77 savings

If I don't include the hardware it's even better (since it probably saved me at least that much in not needin