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Subject:  Re: Earned income tax credit & Repubs Date:  10/3/2012  6:35 PM
Author:  Stonewashed Number:  1820712 of 2211074

Most small companies do not offer as generous benefits as larger companies. But manytimes they're more flexible schedule-wise with employees (something that can be a perk for a single mom) and often times a way to learn many things, thereby improving one's experience to move onto a larger company with better benefits.

Well, I would say that even larger companies are not offering those benefits anymore or wiggling out of them through bankruptcy or taking from the young to give to the old, without offering the young much job security or recourse for benefits, no matter what their skill level.

Hence, why we have this very high level of frustration.

Doctors in NY, the older ones, make big, big bucks and a lot of them are stingy, stingy, stingy with their employees, but live very high on the hog. The young ones don't make those kind of bucks, due to this fiasco of a healthcare system we have and high medical school debt, so it's more understandable. They're opting into becoming hospitalists which is more of a 9 to 5 job with high degrees of specialization with the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, and spending a lot of money covering their a$$, when the obvious breakdowns cause serious problems.

Used to be, you could start out in the mail room in these big corporations, they would help with tuition, etc and people really could move up, if they were hard working and industrious. No more. Their employees got lazy and mainly patted themselves on the back for being part of the corporate elite, not doing anything to earn it and as they moved up through the ranks, went out of their way to raid and parade, not innovate. They pride themselves in holding up and using "other people's money" resetting the bar as to who and what deserves very high compensation, with absolutely no regard for anything but being the best bully in the room.

We have a small company that depends on the health of big companies that really do make something and require goods and services, not just "markets" that push paper around and pride themselves in their degreed greed and hedonism.:) We are able to pay benefits when the economy isn't a shadow economy, which is what we have now.

Moreover, we have a mess on our hands that all this posturing by both sides doesn't address, but does guarantee a whole crop of youth not motivated to do anything but tune out. Engineers are not exempt, neither are doctors, so what's the point, they think. Investment banking on the other hand, now that's lucrative....for now. Why do you think all these politicians kids run or work for hedge funds?

Anyway, little miss receptionist of old (my mother having been one of them) who may have not been degreed, but could run circles around these degreed "self-prclaimed brains" is not likely to find herself such opportunities "to move on", nor the motivation to even try.

BTW I have a BS in biology, and a masters in science and technology and my husband has a HS diploma. I would consider him way more skilled and smart than me, and he was secure enough with himself to not only encourage me to get those degrees and he paid for them. What he does contributes more to this economy than I ever have. As these new little business and investment managers come on the scene, the only thing they are impressed with is themselves and their ability to BS.

So, I guess what I am saying is, yes, these doctors could be considered small business, but the ones doing most of the belly aching, make as much or more than my husband, would look down on his profession and begrudge him that much money , but he does pay benefits.
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