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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/3/2012  7:58 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  183213 of 198992

And none of your questions are worth worrying about, IMHO.



They might not be questions worth worrying about to you, but they are still legitimate questions. It's important to know what a Christian thinks about his/her god. If you can't describe your own god, how can you expect anyone else to ever believe in such a "being"?

You, apparently, believe this god to have a gender.
Since we can't see this god it's important to know exactly how you know this - and what that gender means. Unlike a ship, which we already know doesn't have gender, gender in a god would be important.

You also, apparently, believe this god to be omnipotent.
If "he" can do anything, then making a square circle shouldn't be very difficult. Or, we could go back to the other - and I think better - question: Can your god make a stone so big that even "he" cannot lift it?

Do you actually have a good idea of your god in your mind?
And if you do, why are these questions considered rude? Or difficult?
I've never yet met a Christian (or anyone else) who actually knows what they mean by "God". Not a single person has ever been able to tell me.

I was once asked by a believer that old question: "Don't you believe in God?" And I responded, "What do you mean by 'God'?" He simply closed his mouth and I could see his mind swirling - but he had no answer. He simply didn't know what he meant by "God."

If they don't know, how can they be so certain in their beliefs? This is the puzzle to me. If that is rude, I apologize.

But my questions are legitimate - even more legitimate because they are asked of an omnipotent "god" who, supposedly, can do anything - yet people are tortured and starve and die horrible deaths. Even those who pray to "him." How is this different from no god at all?


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