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Subject:  Re: Cardinal Carlo Martini Date:  10/3/2012  9:37 PM
Author:  Wradical Number:  183218 of 198974

You, apparently, believe this god to have a gender.

No, actually. I think God is more of an "it" than a he or a she. I think of God as more like "The Force" in Star Wars. But that's me; I get sort of New Age-ish at times.

Since we can't see this god it's important to know exactly how you know this - and what that gender means. Unlike a ship, which we already know doesn't have gender, gender in a god would be important.

I'm flattered to learn that my beliefs are so important to you. But I don't think the notion of gender even exists with God.

If "he" can do anything, then making a square circle shouldn't be very difficult.

It's a nonsensical question, because "square" and and "circle" are mutually exclusive shapes. I have no idea if God even thinks of shapes. Geometry, like the other branches of mathematics, are human ways of measuring and describing things. I don't know if God does math at all. So no, as we define the terms, God could not do that.

Or, we could go back to the other - and I think better - question: Can your god make a stone so big that even "he" cannot lift it?

Well, there's no answer to that one. I tend to think that God could summon all the energy he needed to move anything. But I suppose he'd run out of matter in the universe at some point. So I'll say no. But that's my opinion.

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