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Subject:  Re: Yet another Java flaw Date:  10/3/2012  11:40 PM
Author:  stevenjklein Number:  182053 of 197629

Hey Steven,,, you said:

No, I didn't. It seems you concatenated part of my posting with part of someone else's posting.

Getting back to the compiled vs intepreted thing: There is no such thing as a BASIC VM. Java bytecode and Pascal P-code are machine code instructions. (Think of them as machine language for a CPU that exists only in software.) If you write a program in Pascal, and compile it to P-code, your compiled code will run on any p-machine on top of any architecture/OS.

But there isn't a BASIC machine code instruction set. There isn't even source code compatibility among the various BASIC interpreters & compilers. So BASIC source code can only run in the interpreter for which it was written. It will only compile in the compiler for whic it is written. And compiled BASIC can only run on the architecture/OS for which it is compiled.

(Interestingly, a company called Sage (or maybe SAGE) sold a computer using a bespoke CPU that actually used p-code as its instruction set, and it can compiled Pascal amazingly fast.)
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