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Subject:  MSNBC Date:  10/4/2012  12:36 AM
Author:  spikie Number:  1820859 of 2207011

Well, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews have been reduced to making excuses for Obama (as if that is something new).

Ed Schultz was honest and said that Romney kicked Obama to the curb.

And all the round circle black man (not sure of his name - I apologize for that but I seldom watch them) was reduced to hoping that Mr. Romney said too much.

Mr. Romney, to their chagrin, did not say much of anything that he has not already said on the campaign trail. However, he said it in a venue that people could no longer "parse" his comments into 3-second sound bites taken out of context.

Mr. Obama on the other hand, simply could not answer the call. He failed in the debate, just as surely as he has failed as President.

Mr. Romney stated his positions clearly and concisely, while Mr. Obama sounded more like a washed up punch-drunk fighter.

Oh, and by the way - I watched on CSPAN - I wanted unbiased opinions. Then I switched to MSNBC and FOX for disparate opinions. Imagine my surprise when MSNBC sounded like FOX - stating that Romney won unequivocally. I even saw one of the MSNBC folk refer to Mr. Romney as President Romney.

Sorry guys and gals. Your candidate, Mr. Obama, simply cannot reach the pedals. Mr. Romney showed clearly that he is READY and PREPARED for the Presidency and wants to be President - to face and to conquer the challenges that lie in the next four years.
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