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Subject:  Re: NuSi (...and Taubes) Date:  10/4/2012  12:59 AM
Author:  VeeEnn Number:  37934 of 42369

Not only can you not condemn him for something you think he MIGHT do in the future...

I wasn't so much condemning him for what he might do in the future as referring to his track record and what he does in the here and now.

There are people who believe that GC, BC is actually some sort of nutritional bible. A sort of unbiased history of the evolutional of nutritional science, say .......when, in fact, it's a compliation of cherry picked data and misrepresentations designed to support Taubes's carb-phobia..

And very clear about avoiding all of the flaws that compromise the results from most dietary studies. Pretentious? I don't see it.

I guess presumptuous would be a more accurate word. While it's a nice sounding idea to imagine that it's possible to design the perfect study, it's not how clinical research actually works. I think it's OleDoc that once said you have to be prepared to be "wrong" in science and that's true. Most novel research is little more than tentative hypotheses based on available data......a