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Subject:  What tonight did, subtley Date:  10/4/2012  1:58 AM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  106733 of 143968

...was refocus the campaign on issues.
I've been saying for months than the democrats can't hide from them forever. So far Obama's campaign has been "Julia", "They gon put y'all in chains" "47%" and "Vote like your lady parts depend on it".

All that is fine and dandy if we were having what Chris Matthews so eloquently put "An MSNBC debate". A debate where the questions are framed around supposed gaffes and statements taken out of context to make the GOP look bad and Obama look like God.

Well, well. So we arrive at tonight. Obama got curbstomped on a number of issues, most notably to me were the roles of government and on understanding the economy. Mitt explained how small businesses don't need deductions - they need lower rates - to hire people. Clearly, Obama had no idea what Mitt was saying. But you could just feel every small business owner nodding his or her head to that explanation. Because it happens to be true.

The democrats have been pushing