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Subject:  Re: Obama is NOT dumb Date:  10/4/2012  11:08 AM
Author:  decath Number:  646931 of 876414

That's the least of our problems Wolf.

Obama will WIN THE ELECTION.. Yeah, politicallly, the conservatives SUCK.

Face facts. We will LOSE!!

I do not think so. Even though I am pesimistic about American culture and it's continual decline, I think there are enough good/decent people in America to make a difference this November.

AOL, I was around in 1980 when Carter mucked up the economy and foreign policy on a collosal scale. He was way ahead in the polls leading up to the election. I was a senior in High School civics class every day where we discussed it. The teacher was a conservative and pretty much blasted Carter as an imbecile. Yet, he thought like everybody else Reagan would probably lose.

The rest is history. Carter was b!tch slapped big time. Reagan won what, 43 out of 50 states in a landslide victory. It was magnificent.

Romney is no Reagan.. But the economy is so bad, especially in the battleground states that elected Obama last time, I just can't see him winning most of them again.

People vote their wallets in most cases and most intelligent people realize the media is biased to the democrats. I see Obama going home. It won't be like 1980... but it will be a loss for him.

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