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Subject:  "Not an MSNBC debate" Date:  10/4/2012  11:30 AM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1821038 of 2203871

I've been saying for months that Obama and his supporters can't avoid discussing the issues forever. Last night was the end of the road for what his campaign has been up to thus far.

For me, Chris Matthews' angry meltdown on Maddow's show last night summed it up:

“This tonight wasn’t an MSNBC debate, was it? It just wasn’t,” he said.

Indeed it wasn't an MSNBC debate. In an MSNBC debate, Lehrer would have asked Romney questions like Why do Republicans hate blacks so much? and Why are so many Republicans in favor of raping women? and Republicans just can't seem to connect with younger voters and the poor. Is it because your party is old and out of touch?

And so on. Those aren't real questions. They don't ask about real issues. Voters want to see leadership and visions for the future, not 24/7 gotchas. Obama fell flat on his face last night because he wasn't prepared. Let's expand on that point.

In liberal bubbles "debate" happens with a either a pinata posing as a Republican or you find a live one and tie him to a chair. Bound and gagged. Then the left can whale on the guy and declare victory. That's an "MSNBC debate" and the main reason why that entire network is a joke.

In the real world, you have to face a real live Republican who gets to counter the bullcrap. You don't get a debate moderator to bail you out - as Maddow was clearly expecting Lehrer to bail Obama out. No. You have to deliver on your vision, on your ideas. Romney was listening to Obama and directly addressing what Obama actually said. Obama was going through his strawmen and talking points. It didn't work.

Obama clearly wasn't prepared to debate a real live Republican on *any issue*. Nothing. All he had were his campaign talking points and his own perceived awesomeness. The plan was simple: stroll in there, give the talking points, let Lehrer ask Romney uncomfortable questions, and walk out. But go back and look at Obama's facial expressions as the debate runs on. At first he's the calm and cool Obama. About 15 minutes in his eyes get wider. About 40 minutes in he's looking at the floor and is clearly flustered. Romney broke him last night.

So, liberals: You can't hoist up your strawmen, your race cards, your rape accusations, your throw grandma down the stairs, your 47%ers, whatever, the entire campaign. You have to put in the work. Romney's been doing the work. And getting better. You and your guy? Living in a bubble convinced of your own greatness.

That's a recipe for a beatdown, and Obama got his in a big way last night. Dennis Miller put it thusly, "Obama better hope that a kicked ass is covered under Obamacare".

On to Ryan/Biden. Unfortunately for you, this debate will be even worse. Fortunately for you, there are zero positive expectations for Joe Biden.
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