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Subject:  Re: An Open Letter Date:  10/4/2012  12:28 PM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  39453 of 46458

You don't "have to" do anything you don't want to. But why hire a Wedding Coordinator and object to her suggestions?

I didn't *hire* her. I'm getting married at her house, and she kindly said she'd do this for me as my wedding gift. Which means I also can't fire her.

And I didn't object to her suggestions. I objected to her phrasing them as necessities. They aren't. Which makes it difficult for me, as NOT a professional wedding coordinator, to tell when something actually IS necessary. Like her saying I "have to have" 3 servers, for 8 hours, at $10/hour. Do I? Or is this another one of her badly phrased suggestions, and 2 (or 1) would be fine? If she doesn't phrase things correctly, I can't make good decisions.

If all you are worried about is having tablecloths or centerpieces on the tables, then considered yourself blessed.

What makes you think this is all I am worried about? I mean, yeah, I don't have cancer so I couldn't possibly have any right to complain about anything in my life. I'm sure that since you have fingers with which to type, you never complain at all. After all, you're blessed!

But for those of us who don't rate our lives in such absolutes, I've got some things that aren't working the way I'd like them to. Most of which I didn't mention in an open letter to my coordinator, because they aren't relevant there.

And why do I care about little things like the length of the tablecloths, and whether or not I need centerpieces? Because every one of those decisions costs a few hundred dollars, minimum. And while, yes, I'm so blessed to have a job, tyvm, I still have to pay for all of this. And I can't afford to if I don't pay attention to *all* those little decisions. I've got over 100 guests. Almost all immediate family. A little decision like the length of the tablecloth or whether or not there's a centerpiece gets multiplied by 14 tables.

Since you're so blessed and have nothing to complain about, perhaps you'd send me $1000 to cover those little things?

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