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Subject:  Re: "Not an MSNBC debate" Date:  10/4/2012  12:59 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1821109 of 2223946

For me as well. And why, you ask? Because Obama failed to say any of the things he could have to counter Romney's BS. The only points of Romney's statements that represented fact were those that kill him in public opinion poles, to wit:
1. Revenues are off the table for deficit reduction
2. Medicare will be a voucher system
3. PBS? Libraries? Schools? Eff 'em.

Sorry, but this where left wingers get into trouble.
You're not debating a bound and gagged Republican who's tied to a chair. Obama had to debate a REAL LIVE Republican, who can actually answer charges and make his own attacks.

1. Revenues are off the table for deficit reduction
Mitt talked about this. He doesn't want to raise taxes, BUT, what he'll do is close loopholes. If the Obama campaign really knew anything about Romney - and it's evident they don't, nor do his supporters - the government has more ways than taxes to raise revenue. Mitt raised fees as governor of Mass. He'll do it as President. Will that be enough? I don't know. Neither does Obama.

2. Medicare will be a voucher system<?i>
You are SO making this too easy. Have you looked at Mitt's plan? It's obvious you haven't. Again, this is what happens when you debate the bound and gagged Republican instead of the real thing.

It was Ryan's plan that killed Medicare for younger people. Romney's plan leaves traditional Medicare as an option. It's right there on his website. You folks are again debating your own strawmen. If you're going to come back with, "Well, Medicare will die without all those extra people in it..." then 1) you're tacitly admitting that Medicare really isn't that efficient and 2) that it's in trouble anyway.

I'll have that debate with you all day, every day. It won't end well for you or for Obama.

3. PBS? Libraries? Schools? Eff 'em.

Mitt said he wasn't going to cut schools. Again. You have to debate the actual candidate. No offense, but PA left wingers need to get out more. You gives rail at how stupid/evil/ignorant/ill informed conservatives are because you never actually go out and talk to one. But speaking for PA conservatives, to a man and a woman we ALL know what you're going to say before you say it. Why? We're here. Talking to you. Reacting to what you say.

You guys react to what your prejudices tell you we're saying. Case in point. Obama kept claiming Romney was going to issue a $5 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich or something. He pulled that out of his a$$. Romney said, no, that's not my plan, and Obama...couldn't adjust his talking points. At all. He had to keep going with his prepared script.

It was like watching a football team keep running the same play over and over again. Coach Obama kept calling for a draw play out of the eye right up the middle. Coach Romney said, put 8 men in the box and dared Obama to go over the top. Obama kept at it. Romney dialed up a blitz. Obama kept calling the same play. On and on.

As far as cutting federal funding for PBS and NPR, good luck making that argument to voters in Ohio and VA in the face of trillion dollar deficits.

And we're seeing today that the overwhelming response to last night's debate is to call him out on that.

The overwhelming response today is, "Obama got his a$$ kicked last night".

Team Obama's first move? Fire John Kerry. Kerry can't play John Kerry much less Mitt Romney.

Team Obama's second move? Time to start actually running for President of the United States instead of auditioning for a slot on MSNBC.

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