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Subject:  Re: PA folks foaming at the mouth.. Date:  10/4/2012  1:43 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  646985 of 876402

Obama's problem is very simple to understand. It's the same issue that most PA left wingers have:

They live in liberal intellectual bubbles.

I've been saying this for months, and we finally got to see the end result last night. As Chris Matthews put it last night, "This wasn't an MSNBC debate". Of course it wasn't. In a PA or MSNBC debate, Mitt Romney would have been tied to the chair, and bound and gagged. They would have loosened the gag long enough for him to answer "Why do so many Republicans like raping women?" or "How come your party is full of racists?" THAT's an MSNBC/PA debate.

But reality always asserts itself. In Realville, the Republican ISN'T bound and gagged and actually gets to punch back. Obama thought he could breeze in there and just read off his talking points. He wasn't prepared for Mitt's counter punching. Big time Strategic Fail on Plouffe's part to have that idiot Kerry get Obama ready. John Kerry (who by the way served in Vietnam) can't even play John Kerry (WBTWSIV) much less Mitt Romney.

The most telling exchange was when Obama kept going back to Mitt's phantom $5 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich or something. After Mitt said, no, that's not my plan, Obama couldn't adjust his talking points. He kept going back to it until Mitt put a stop to it by talking about how his boys would repeat something hoping it would eventually become true. Devastating.

Bottom line: liberals can't stand there and go toe to toe with a conservative on the issues. Rachel Maddow was miffed that Lehrer didn't bring up the 47% or unions or whole host of other nonsense that is designed to frame the debate to Obama's advantage.

The left has no game. When you live in a bubble and tell yourself how awesome you are and how stupid everybody else is, sometimes you forget that you still have to play the game. And that the other team reads your quotes and sticks them up on the bulletin board.

Romney came in and flat-out broke Obama last night. It happened about 40 minutes in. Obama just couldn't take the punching anymore. His eyes got wide, he started stuttering more, and he wouldn't look at Mitt. A seasoned executive like Mitt knows how to go for the jugular without making a mess all over the floor and that's what Mitt did last night.

The PA spin is hilarious. Take a break from your day and get some comedy relief. We still have a long way to go so now isn't the time to let up on these guys. Save that for after the election.
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