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Subject:  Re: Yet another Java flaw Date:  10/4/2012  3:06 PM
Author:  stevenjklein Number:  182065 of 192399

But you still didn't quote me accurately. On re-reading the thread, it looks like you quoted parted of my message, and then added additional text that didn't come from any other message in this thread.

Between the two double lines is a copy & paste of what you wrote in message 182048, with the original formatting intact:

Hey Steven,,, you said:

Wrong on both counts.

A Java VM is a virtual machine, and it's ancestor in spirit is the Pascal p-machine and p-code. Programmers write apps in Java (or Pascal), compile that code to Java bytecode (or P-code), and execute that code on a Java VM (or P-machine).
Java uses a two step compilation process. Java source code is compiled down to "bytecode" by the Java compiler. The bytecode is executed by Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The current version of Sun HotSpot JVM uses a technique called Just-in-time (JIT) compilation to compile the bytecode to the native instructions understood by the CPU on the fly at run time.

Yes you are!!!

The first part of that is indeed mine, but I did NOT write the part that starts "Java uses…"

I don't know if you're quoting another website, another message on this website, or something else entirely, but you're definitely NOT quoting me verbatim (a