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Subject:  Re: PA folks foaming at the mouth.. Date:  10/4/2012  3:50 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  647028 of 876371

I was just watching CNBC and coal stocks and natural gas stocks are rallying.

I haven't visted PA to see how the enviro-nazis reacted to Romney championing clean coal but I did read a Gawker thread on it and imagine the response was the same:


Yeah, the libtards didn't like that at all... apparently they think that energy independence can be achieved by ignoring the fact that we're the Saudi Arabia of coal and relying on solar panels made in China (because we can't make them here <cough>Solyndra</cough>). If only he had said something about nuclear power, I imagine some heads would have exploded at that point! Ahh, the sweet popping sound of libtard heads exploding when shown reality... sort of like popcorn given how little there is inside to actually explode.

Oh, I also read a bit on Jezebel. They were all NAG ragey over abortion not being mentioned. How are they supposed to vote for their lady parts if their lady parts aren't brought up in the debates?!? Will someone think of the fetuses that can be blenderized?!? Many a Jezzy went to bed petting their kitties and crying into their pillows, lol! You may want to invest in a sloth farm... that's their latest "Squee!" to escape from the harsh reality of, um... reality.
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