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Subject:  Re: "Not an MSNBC debate" Date:  10/4/2012  4:15 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1821206 of 2223623

No, but Romney got to debate a bound and gagged Obama. Obama leveled no charges of any substance and responded to attacks with a "meh."

Really? So Obama was standing there in true MSNBC fashion answering questions likes, "So, Governor Romney. This video of yours shows you hating on the 47% who don't pay taxes. Don't you think that's a problem for you?"

Sorry, but no. Lehrer let them talk. Good for him. He set up the issue framework and let them go at it head to head. It's not his fault or Mitt's fault that Obama showed up to the game unprepared.

He'll close the loopholes that primarily benefit the middle class. The gaping hole in our tax code that allows trillions of dollars to disappear into personal stockpiles of unused cash & assets (where they continue to generate more cash & assets similarly sheltered from taxation) will remain wide open.

I won't address your mischaracterization of stocks and assets (because that's a longer post and will take a while), but did you listen to the debates? Mitt said, "Pick a number - $20, $25,000 and we'll work on it". Do you have $25 large in deductions? We don't.

You're doing the leftist bubble thing again. You've assigned "Romney position = bad" in the logical structure in your brain. He could have said $1 million and you wouldn't have heard it. This is what happens when you debate in a bubble and can't fathom that some middle ground can be had by your opponent.

What about oil subsidies, Mitt? What about cap gains tax rate? How about farm subsidies? What about bonuses and compensation via stock options? Instead he's going to close the deficit by eliminating the mortgage interest deduction, repealing consumer protections, and turning over our public lands to the resource extractors. And the dummies are calling this a plan.

What are Obama's answers to the above? It's amusing watching you guys allow Obama to hand wave but you all demand uber-specifics from Mitt. He even covered that, too; I'll bet you don't know where or how. Obama sure didn't.

When Mitt says he's not going to cut funding for schools that means he's going to gut the public school system and put that money up for vouchers. This is conservative fiscal doctrine for time immemoriam. There is all the evidence in the world to suggest that a Romney administration would be the last, greatest wealth transfer from the middle class into the new American ruling class, with all the "Water the Tree of Liberty" goofballs leading the team cheer.

Vouchers. Yeah, only conservatives support vouchers. Do you know who Michelle Rhee is? And are you familiar with Arne Duncan's past statements on vouchers?

In any case, thanks for conceding the point. Your real issue is not that Mitt's going to cut education funding. Your real issue is that Mitt won't direct money to the teachers' unions. Say, how is dealing with Mayor Rahm working out for them?

One more time: get out of the democrat bubble.

It was a massively disappointing performance for anyone who is sick to their stomach of opportunistic cowboy conservatives (W and Saint Ronnie come to mind), blubbering, squishy toadies (Boehner, Hatch, McConnell et al), and dogmatic reactionaries (the Jim DeMints, Sarah Palins, and the other BSCs) that are actually running the 21st Century Republican Freak Show.

Obama's silence meant the absence of a voice for the people. Cause it sure as hell isn't Mitt.

LOL. Again and again you make my point. When you ass-u-me that you speak for "the people" but in reality only talk to 1/5th of them or less it's no small surprise that you run into situations where you're completely at a, say, when having to debate a REAL LIVE Republican instead of an MSNBC tackling dummy.

Obama's got, what? Two weeks to bone up and find some game. Here's some tips:

1. Fire John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam. He should go to Fox News and hire Bob Beckell as a consultant, and beg Carville to come work for him.
2. Actually show up to debate prep. Last night was one of those instances where the game was lost on the practice field before the first fan walked into the stadium. Mitt put in the work. Obama didn't. Pure and simple.

For you as a fan you need to realize that the PA/MSNBC worldview is shared by only a deep minority of the voting public. Republicans don't have horns, don't all hate blacks, don't want to eat the elderly and the poor people, and actually have functioning brains.

Ass kickings have ways of focusing the mind. Let's see if Obama's vaunted competitive spirit can override his ego and make him bring some game next time.
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