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Subject:  Diablo 3 revisited, Torchlight 2 visited Date:  10/4/2012  5:00 PM
Author:  Rimpynths Number:  34898 of 36707

I've finally given up on Diablo 3. I have no regrets about buying it, but I have no desire to sink any more time into it. D3 is a lot of fun and I definitely got my money's worth. I think the graphics and sound are great, the character classes are all unique and fun to play, and the various skills are very well done. I actually like the new skill system, where you just unlock new skills when you hit a certain level and you don't put points into stats or a skill tree. I like the fact that you don't have to reroll a character from scratch to try out a different combinations of skills.

My main problem with D3 is the loot, or the lack thereof. It's way too difficult to get the really good stuff, such as legendaries or set items. I think that D3 really shines for casual players (due to the simplified stat and skill system) or for the serious gamers that can sink 100s of hours into the game. But for all those players in between like me, it's a frustrating grind with a poor reward system.

I didn't like the idea of the auction house when I first heard about it, but felt reassured when some of developers said in a Q&A on Reddit that loot drops would not be affected by the auction house:

The auction house has absolutely no effect on drop rates. There are conspiracy theories and misunderstandings but I do want to re-iterate, there is NO interaction whatsoever.

I like to play single-player about 90% of the time. I like to find all of the gear that I use so that was good news. As I wrote in an earlier post here:

To me, the whole point of the game is to advance further so that you can get better equipment, not get better equipment so that you can advance further, but to each his own.

I tried to stick to that plan, but I ended up hitting a wall at around level 50. I was at the point where it would take me 5-10 minutes of hit-and-run tactics to kill a champion mob. It started to feel like work instead of fun. So I finally decided to visit the auction house even though I swore I wouldn't, but I was done with t