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Subject:  Re: Diablo 3 revisited, Torchlight 2 visited Date:  10/4/2012  8:26 PM
Author:  psuasskicker6 Number:  34899 of 37118

That was when it really sunk in that Diablo 3 is designed around the auction house

Yeah, this is ultimately the biggest flaw I think the game has. All the drops are at least a few levels behind my level. So I imagine getting a character to that spot, where I can't advance farther without creeping and getting really frustrated. I can feel my character reaching that inflection point, and have been playing very little since because it's not fun.

That's the point. What fun is a game designed around the "OMFG HOW AWESOME IS THAT DROP I JUST GOT?!?!?" when you completely pull that aspect out of the game and make those awesome drops instead just items you buy? That's not fun. It completely kills the entire purpose of the Diablo game.

I don't really regret buying it. I had fun with it. But any future Diablo games with an auction house, I won't be buying.

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