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Subject:  Re: Now for some reality Date:  10/4/2012  8:48 PM
Author:  Theobald64 Number:  1821271 of 2207399

I swear, reading this board today, not a single leftist actually watched the debates. They had their MSNBC-issued Mitt Romney kewpie dolls in their laps. Every time the real Mitt Romney would get to talk, they'd mute the TV and pull the string on the doll. That way they only heard stuff like this: Mitt Romney wants to give tax breaks to billionaires so grandma can starve!

Here is the tragedy of this situation. Obama could have been a really great president. He could have healed a breach in our society that would have made our country a better place.

Sadly, he threw in with the beltway establishment and the Nancy Pelosi moonbat left, and he was co-opted very early.

He will always be a historic President because he is the first person of color to reach that office, but he could have been so much more than that, if he had the guts to tell the PA left and Daily Kos types to Go **** themselves and forged a truly bipartisan administration.

This election, as I have told the intellectually helpless and vapid members of this board, is Romney's to lose. It remains as such because Obama ran as much more of a center-left, inclusive, and decent guy than he Governed - which was rabidly partisan, more so than any President since Richard Nixon.

The GOP should not even think that this is in the bag yet. The deciding factor will be Florida. If Romney does win - he will have a workable majority in both the Senate and the House. First order of business is the repeal and/or total defanging of the PPACA.
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