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Subject:  Re: Diablo 3 revisited, Torchlight 2 visited Date:  10/4/2012  9:50 PM
Author:  Wessex99 Number:  34900 of 37119

I'll be the third to say that I probably won't be playing too much, if any, Diablo III in the future. I've got one of each of the 5 characters, lowest is level 32, barb is level 59 and monk is level 60. From Nightmare on, in many cases I have had to purchase equipment from the AH in order to defeat each Act final boss. Most drops are 5-10 levels below my character, and when at level, the drops are still far worse than my equipped items 10 levels below and off the charts worse than what can be obtained in the AH. Not sure I agree with getting great items at 8-10k gold; stuff I want is rarely that low and often listed in the millions.

It's really too bad, because I play solo and spent incredible numbers of hours playing Diablo II and was really looking forward to Diablo III.

I tried the Torchlight II demo, and didn't like it enough to buy even at $20, and I don't buy anything through Steam.

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