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Subject:  Re: No doubt about it... Date:  10/4/2012  11:18 PM
Author:  folgore Number:  106838 of 165537

...the second debate between Obama and Romney will be a town-hall style debate with the candidates taking questions from the audience. Moderator is Candy Crowley of CNN.

This one worries me...even if O's performance is off, I find it likely Romney will get pelted with questions about Bain, the 47%, and his taxes. Assuming an equitable distribution of conservatives and liberals in the audience, conservatives in the audience may hit Obama with questions he doesn't like. Overall, however, I have a feeling the libs in the audience will be far more ruthless with Romney. My guess is this one is going to go to O.

The third debate is on foreign policy, with Bob Schieffer of CBS the moderator.

I don't think Romney will be able to overpower Schieffer the way he did Lehrer; I think Schieffer would relish the opportunity to silence Romney if he tried. That said, I think this is a debate Romney can win. Killing Osama is the only real accomplishment O has. Libya is too big of a debacle for even the MSM to ignore and O's "smart diplomacy" has yielded nothing. The war in Aghanistan is not going well no matter how O tries to spin it.

As to Ryan versus Biden, I wouldn't rule out Biden turning out a surprising performance that exceeds current low expectations. In fact, given the low evaluation of O's first performance, I strongly expect Biden's performance will be seen as surprisingly strong versus Ryan even if Ryan technically wins on points. Biden has made alot of gaffes when trying to talk "off the cuff" but he is capable of decent performances when he remains disciplined.
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