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Subject:  Re: Meat Grinder on sale Date:  10/5/2012  2:58 AM
Author:  NoIDAtAll Number:  77726 of 84298

We have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and we got the meat grinder attachment. Much more versatile than a uni-tasker like that one. A bit more expensive, too. But I think it worth while given the extra utility of it.

I have that attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, as well, 1pg. The plastic worm is prone to cracking/splitting, if you use it more than very occasionally - ain't no secret:

This grinder (a Chefs Choice grinder attachment for Kitchen Aid stand mixers) replaced a plastic KitchenAid grinder that cracked after minimal light use. The metal grinder is a much better choice.

I have a Kitchen Aid 5 Series stand mixer and the meat grinder attachment, with 2 plastic worms - Both are cracked. The worm on your grinder will crack, if you use it very much - I assure you.

I also have the meat grinder James posted a link to. It works very well and is well worth its price, especially at the discount.

A Taiwanese friend uses a commercial grade meat grinder in her restaurant that works more aggressively - It's a commercial meat grinder, but she spent $300 just having the motor rebuilt.

The grinder James linked does a very respectable and reliable job for home use, or perhaps even light commercial use.

Many of the people on this board grind their own ground beef and pork, from a variety of cuts and fat content. They do so because they get a better end product than what they get from packaged ground products at a grocery store, plus it's possible to mix stuff in while grinding - for example mixing/grinding shrimp with pork for a Japanese Gyoza.

Use your Kitchen Aid grinder to grind your own meat, until it might fail - Then I would highly recommend that you consider this grinder, over replacing the Kitchen Aid attachment.
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