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Subject:  Re: 7.8%: Cooked? Date:  10/5/2012  9:21 AM
Author:  drebbin Number:  106850 of 165922

katinga: The jobless numbers don't add up.

Maybe not. But would anyone bother with this if they were dropping to 8.1%? It is just arbitrarily dropping below 8%. As if that is something to be proud of. What, we're supposed to see that rate drop below 8% for the first time in four years and think, WOW! 0bama's plans really ARE working! They just weren't supposed to work through his entire term, but now we have unemployment inching below 8%! WOO HOO! Really? Look, I know the guy is black and that there is this expectation that he gets the affirmative action treatment because he's gotten it his whole life. I just find that incredibly insulting to him and to all minorities. We can hold him to the same standards as anyone else, regardless of his skin color. He's been a suck-ass President, and his economic record is horrific. There is just no excuse for his failure, and he knows it. Why else was he promising a "summer of recovery" for multiple years, which never came to pass? Every time one of his milestones for recovery passed without any improvement, he would come out with a talking point about how it wasn't supposed to work that fast, just be patient. Because, you know, he inherited all these problems, we can't expect him to work with that.
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