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Subject:  Re: Romney's Age.... Date:  10/5/2012  9:38 AM
Author:  decath Number:  647120 of 875618

Do you guys realize that Romney is 65 years old??

Man, I don't know about you, he comes across as a vibrant 50-55 year old to me. He's energetic, good-looking (where are the wrinkles??), and vibrant, and mentally sharp.

Often the case is made that Reagan was almost 70 when he took office in of the oldest presidents ever to take office.

Romney is only 5 years younger...yet he talks, acts and moves like he's 20-30 years younger. McCain age was also an issue in the last election.

How does Romney come across like a 50-55 year old?? He's a multi-multi millionaire (not quite a billionaire), does he have medical treatments to retard aging?? LOL.

But seriously, I was really surprised when I learned about his age. He's full of energy and God, my father and mom at 65.....damn, they were always ready to go to sleep.

Some of it is genetic. But I suspect it is mostly his clean "Mormon" living. Mormons avoid caffeine and alcohol, 2 drugs that cause physical harm to the body. Since I gave up caffeine years ago, I feel younger, sharper and my joints are no longer gummed up after years of abuse as an athlete. I rarely drink alcohol but on the 'special' occasions that I do, even mild amounts, my body is sluggist for almost 3 days.

Repeated use wears the body down and makes you look older. I turn 51 in a couple of months. People tell me I don't look over 40.

Ya I know, I read some of the so called 'scientific' studies that say moderate use of coffee and wine are healthy. Then you read one that says they are bad for you. It's like watching a tennis match.

What I always tell people is to give it a try yourself. Go off the stuff for a few months and watch what happens. That's worth more than any multi-million $ study done by a drug or food company.

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