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Subject:  Why I'm Against Pre-Game Prayers Date:  10/5/2012  9:51 AM
Author:  JamesBrown Number:  410375 of 506999

WorldNetDaily, of all places, published a letter written by a Christian serving in the Air Force, stationed in Hawaii, in an area dominated by Buddhist and Shinto believers. In other words, he was a member of a minority religion. So what happened when he attended a high school football game? What was his response when a voice over the PA encouraged everyone to stand for the invocation of a Buddhist prayer?

We were frozen in shock and incredulity! What to do? To continue to stand and observe this prayer would represent a betrayal of our own faith and imply the honoring of a pagan deity that was anathema to our beliefs. To sit would be an act of extreme rudeness and disrespect in the eyes of our Japanese hosts and neighbors, who value above all other things deference and respect in their social interactions. I am sorry to say that in the confusion of the moment we chose the easier path and elected to continue to stand in silence so as not to create a scene or ill will among those who were seated nearby...

Imagine that? He wasn't comfortable either participating in or excluding himself from a secular implementation of a religious ceremony.

He now has a new understanding of the what it's like to hold the minority view. He walked a mile in another man's moccasins, and now has a new appreciation for the First Amendment.

I would say in love to my Christian brothers and sisters, before you yearn for the imposition of prayer and similar rituals in your public schools, you might consider attending a football game at Wahiawa High School. Because unless you’re ready to endure the unwilling exposure of yourself and your children to those beliefs and practices that your own faith forswears, you have no right to insist that others sit in silence and complicity while you do the same to them.
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