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Subject:  Who Won the Debate? Date:  10/5/2012  10:23 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  1821387 of 2204069

So who won the debate?
In my estimation they both lost.
The whole debate was a fiasco from start to finish.

Lehrer lost control of the thing to big-mouth Romney who spent the evening lying through his teeth.

Romney constantly interrupted and drowned out all other voices. Then, when he was satisfied he was being heard, he proceeded to spew lie after lie.

Obama stood there like a sleep-walker and allowed Romney to tell his lies unchallenged. There is absolutely no combat in Obama. He's not a guy I would want to have my back in a real stand-up fight.

But I wouldn't want Romney, either. He'd probably tell me he had my back, but his hand would be in my pocket while he was looking the other way for an escape route for one.

If I were down and out, I certainly wouldn't want Romney. He'd tell me to get a job or starve in the streets - while he laughed with his rich buddies as he dined on chateaubriand . Obama would at least have a little compassion and try to help. At least I believe he would.

The edge goes to Obama.
But the debate was lost by both.
It was, again in my estimation, an insult to the American people.

If *I* were running the debate I would warn the participants that if they interrupted their microphone would be instantly turned off and they would lose a turn to speak.
I would also warn them that if they failed to answer the question asked, their microphone would be turned off and they would lose a turn to speak.
It might be the fastest debate in history, but they would either play by MY rules or go home.

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