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Subject:  Re: Water! Date:  10/5/2012  10:47 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  122407 of 137307

Total Water Usage $229.50

Wow! $229.50 was more than our electric bill for the month of July or August this year here in S.E. Loosiana, us. We have our own well so it only costs me around $40 or $30 a year for lime to refill our lime filter (we gots a “water hardener” to raise the pH of our well water from 5.3 to something around 8.0) plus the electric needed to run the pump.

I suspect a leaking toilet or two. Those "pulse" as the water level drops slowly in the holding tank, then refill when nobody's looking. A leaking toilet can drain away 10,000 to 25,000 gallons a month. Yet if you are out at the water meter during the 10 minutes when the toilet isn't refilling, you would never know.

Red food dye in tank, come back 10 minutes later, see if it has moved to the bowl. If so, repair, usually the flapper, sometimes more.

I gotta agree with Goofy on this, they probably gots a leak somewhere. A couple of years ago I found dye pills at Lowe’s or maybe it was at a hardware store for free. They contain Fluorescein dye (See;, the same stuff that gives Prestone anti-freeze its color. You just drops it into the tank where it’ll dissolve and form a dye layer along the bottom of the tank. If the flapper valve is leaking, it’ll show up in the bowl fairly quickly. When I was working offshore I had the company buy the Fluorescein dye to aid in determining the approximate depth of tubing leaks in oil & gas wells, me.

Also, if they wait long to get hot water to a sink or shower (and turn on the water and watch it run down the drain), consider a water recirculating pump . . .

Or a tankless water heater (See; ).

But that extra $100 was mainly for watering the #$%&^@ lawn during the two hot months, with the result that the lawn looks only marginally patchier than it did in June. Let it turn brown as nature intended, I say. DW says something else.

Spray the brown patches with green dye. That way you don’t hafta mow it.

C.J.V. - got almost five acres of weed - I mean lawn to mow, me
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