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Subject:  Re: 0bama's 2nd debate Date:  10/5/2012  10:48 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  106864 of 164859

I am not defending him here, the past, that has always been enough. I don't blame him for assuming it would be again. Further, he made no major mistakes, did he? None that I can recall. I thought some of his stuff was not very strong, but he sure didn't embarrass himself. His level of performance was good enough to have hung with or beaten just about every Presidential candidate debate performance we've seen over the past 20 years. The problem was, Romney just nailed it. Either that, or it was the altitude.

I have only seen him against an unarmed man as far as debates go, when he went against McCain

But, that said, it remains he was woefully unprepared. He could neither defend his own record or expound on his 'superior' vision in response to Romney's vision, nor could he expound on the faults he himself pointed out with Romney's statements.

It was an ugly lack of knowledge that was the President's problem. Was it bad debate prep? Well IMO actually no, I think he actually clearly displayed he was not prepared to 'president' more clearly than he was not prepared to debate. If the only problem were rebutting Romney, it would still be bad, but he could not back up his own information.

Frankly anyone he could lose a debate to, does not deserve to be President if this is what level of knowledge he brings to the table.

My only fear for the next debate is that the Town hall format is more of a sound Byte format, and one where it is a lot easier to protect a candidate. The good news is, there is only 2 weeks, and my guess is Obama is starting from scratch and has no idea of the facts over the last year or so.

I think Obama really opened a couple of problematic fronts for himself, the least of which is folks taking a more honest look at Romney. The bigger problem is folks taking a =more honest look at Obama

Obama has run a campaign with the major emphasis that you must vote against a candidate. I personally believe that like in most instances, Obama and his team did not consider the unintended consequences of their actions.
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