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Subject:  Re: Water! Date:  10/5/2012  11:04 AM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  122409 of 137372

I agree with Gh. They have a problem. Leaky toilets very possible. Food coloring in tank is the way to check.

I got no lawn. People with lawns in Phoenix are fools, IMO. I'd even argue it should be illegal. Dumping potable water on the ground for a plant that provides no shade for the home, and you can't really eat, is bordering on criminal (at least here where it rains about 6" a year).

Our water bill this time of year is usually around $100, off from a summer peak of maybe $130. It's more in summer because we have to increase the garden water (soil dries out faster - the trees like more too). The garden is fairly large, and we grow various crops there. Presently we're at about 1/2 strength (we did some "remodeling" of the garden, so some of the beds haven't been active) and we're getting about 10 lbs of okra a week. We'll be switching to something else soon (peppers, I think). We still have about 2 months before it gets cold.

Half of our trees are fruit trees. Last year we got a few grapefruit and a lot of lemons. Hopefully this year will be better.

Four people in the house.
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