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Subject:  Re: Diablo 3 revisited, Torchlight 2 visited Date:  10/5/2012  1:31 PM
Author:  jeffbrig Number:  34902 of 36433

My playing has been severely limited lately, due to real life hassles. My lvl60 wizard hit an absolute brick wall in Act 3, I can't do much of anything without significantly better gear. He's a total glass cannon, 35-40k dps, but gets 1- or 2-shot killed, even with diamond skin and other defensive spells. Only good for party play with tanks. He's on the back burner until the 1.05 patch drops, which is supposed to help level the inferno difficulty spikes.

In the meantime, I've dusted of my original barbarian, which I left around lvl20. He's up to 39 in NM difficulty. I'm trying to get him to inferno, I want to see if the barbarian is really as powerful as everyone in the d3 forums seems to say.

I agree that the loot system is poor. After 100+ hours playing, I've found just 3 legendaries, no sets, and 3 copies of the same blacksmith plan. None of the legendaries are above item lvl 40, so they're easily outgrown.

My main beef with drops is that upgrades are too just hard to find. Say I found a pair of low level gloves with a great strength modifier in Normal. I equip it. Now I'm halfway through nightmare, and I've found gloves with double the armor. But not an equivalent strength attribute. To equip the better armor I have to give up 100dps. Or, I can go into the auction house, and for 2k gold (might as well be free), I can get a better set of gloves with more armor and