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Subject:  Re: Obama Should Study This Date:  10/5/2012  2:46 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1821503 of 2210874

Too little too late...he hasn't had to deal with tough questions for 4 years. "The View" doesn't prepare you the same way taking tough questions from the WH Press Corp does. And trick isn't getting Clinton, it's finding a disgruntled GOP operative who'll work for money. You need someone who thinks like a Republican.

Not someone who will act like the way Democrats believe Republicans think. That's the real trick, you need to remove the partisan blinders that state Republicans want to poison the water, throw granny off the cliff and have a war on women.

Except they can't do that. Obama is the first PA President: he thinks that life is the TV show The West Wing: Republicans tee up their child slavery programs and the heroic democrat cites America and liberalism and how child slavery isn't SOMETHING THAT AMERICA STANDS FOR AND HE'LL DIE BEFORE LETTING REPUBLICANS DESTROY OUR GREAT NATION. At that point in any Sorkin script the eeeevil Republicans drop through the trap door and go back to their undersea headquarters to plot their next global takeover.

I have one qibble with you first paragraph. Obama's WH Press Corps is the most tame in memory. Even he did bother to take questions, they wouldn't ask him anything hard anyway.
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