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Subject:  Re: is the GOP Pro-Life? Date:  10/5/2012  3:30 PM
Author:  FoolYap Number:  1821516 of 2207483

I am Pro-Life.

It is the primary reason I am registered Republican.
In most other aspects of my life I am liberal.

See, I don't really understand that combination.

If one wants people to stop having abortions, as you say, one should support aggressively lowering the rate of unwanted pregnancies. That means teaching children, broadly and from a young age, about how not to become pregnant. It means free (or as near to it as possible) and widely accessible birth-control, for people who are sexually active.

The current GOP is entirely antithetical to those things. The only course of action that most conservatives recommend is, "Don't have sex if you don't want to get pregnant." That's a failed policy, it doesn't work, people are biologically wired to like sex and to have sex.

Once a child is born out of wedlock, as you point out, the modern GOP's job is done. They're happy the child wasn't aborted. But they want to wash their hands of any social responsibility to help that child grow up to be an educated, healthy, productive member of society. If the kid is hungry, too bad, the parent should work harder. If the kid grows up illiterate, too bad, it's the fault of the crappy public school system they attend, and the parent's fault too. If the kid commits a crime, too bad, lock 'em up, hope they rot.

So, why on earth would you still be voting for the GOP? The modern GOP likes to talk about "personal responsibility". Well, what's wrong with providing people with the means not become pregnant, and if an accident still happens, allowing them to make the personal choice to abort? No one's forcing anyone to make this choice. Why should they be denied that choice? If one's faith-based beliefs make abortion a sinful thing to do, then let the person making that choice carry that. The modern GOP also likes to natter on about the "nanny state". What the hell could be "nannier" than getting between a woman and her doctor in such a personal matter?

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