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Subject:  Broadcast TV to AVR for Surround? Date:  10/5/2012  5:22 PM
Author:  RocketsMomma Number:  9645 of 10687

We have DirecTV. CBS is the only local channel in the area and therefore we are not allowed CBS through DirecTV (waiver was denied).

Question: does Dolby or some kind of 5.1 signal get broadcast with the digital TV signal?

If it is, and then passed through a digital to audio converter box (in this case a Magnavox TB110MW9) is the Dolby retained or does it get lost?

What DH has done is send the broadcast antenna signal into a splitter, and sent one coax into the LCD TV's RF input.

The other coax goes into the Magnavox converter box, then into the VCR via composite and then the left and right RCA jack audio from the VCR heads into the AVR.

We are getting stereo I assume but not an actual Dolby type sound. As our station is a rinky-dink hick station I suspect they are only broadcasting Dolby 2.0 if any (can't figure it out from website).

DH says we need to use the Magnavox converter because the TV does not have an audio out to take the sound from the broadcast signal and get it into the AVR. Obviously, we could use the TV's speakers but we'd rather use the surround sound. (DH then told me I bought a crappy TV, I can't tell if he was being funny or not.)

Question: The only audio output I see listed in the TV manual is called "optical digital audio out". Is this the thing I would use to get the Dolby/RF coax from the TV and out to an AVR assuming I had an AVR that was NEW enough to have the proper input?

The whole reason this started was my desire to just pull the VCR out of the system and move it to the older TV (but we're feeding the satellite box through the VCR via coax to that TV because of signal degradation if we tried using 40 feet of composite).

Or maybe I should just go get a beer, turn on the DVD and watch another LotR movie?

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