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Subject:  Re: Two iPad problems Date:  10/5/2012  6:03 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  2827 of 6108

3. For now, you can go to the link page first copy it and then come here compose your thoughts and paste the link.

Not always, but typically I need to make three trips. I like to paste the headline, which is often a snappy summary, I like to paste a paragraph or two from the body, and I need to paste the link. (I hate it when people paste naked links, and I never follow them.)

One workaround which usually (not always!) works is to work in one browser, but open and close a different one to capture the headline, links, and URL. So if I am working in Safari, I open Dolphin or Mercury (occasionaly Chrome) and do that business, return to Safari; lather, rinse, repeat. But as you can imagine, that gets tiring.

I've done the hard shutdown. No help.

I should say that I was having a serious problem with the iPad freezing when using the browser, particularly on the Fool but also elsewhere. But, to my surprise, if I opened another browser it worked fine - for a time - then it too would freeze up. Sometimes I could go back to the original browser and it would be "unstuck." Sometimes not, in which case I'd go to the third browser. Only once did I have all four browsers lock up on me and require a hard restart. Now you know why I have so many browsers ;)

Anyway, I did a restore. No help. I took it to the Genius, who did a restore. No help. I was about to plunk down $249 for a replacement when we had a corruption problem on the wife's iPhone, and doing a restore there (a different) Genius said to restore AS NEW. (Apparently all a restore does is capture a disk image, wipe the phone, then replace the same disk image. Restoring "as new" wipes, then restores the OS from Apple, and restores each app individually from your backup (cloud, computer, or app store). So the contents get a little scrambled, you lose your folders (and media, temporarily), but it's all there, it just needs reorganizing.

Anyway, I did that with the iPad about two weeks ago (?) and the browser freeze problem went away. I also involuntarily upgraded to iOS6 (by coincidence I "restored" the day after the new iOS came out; never thought about it), so as I say "something changed." It might be iOS6. It might be something quirky in my tablet. Or it might be that every time the tablet looks at a webpage it forces a reload for no particular reason, or that the Fool has some setting that says "this has changed; reload."

Dunno. Dunno how the things work, I'd just like to get it back to where it was, not "force reloading" every page every time I leave and return.

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