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Subject:  Re: PBS's Scorching Reply To Mitt Date:  10/5/2012  7:01 PM
Author:  FoolishVintner Number:  1821585 of 2204246

Is it your belief that PBS could not survive without the 17% of its funding that it gets from the CPB?

I worked for many years in the non-profit sector and can tell you without a doubt that the seed money that the government provides to an organization like PBS is indeed very crucial to its survival. Non-profits have to scratch and scrape for every bit of funding out there. People think that they can just "write a grant" but that is pure fantasy. The fact that the government provides a reliable portion of funding, even if it is a minority of the overall budget, is money that they don't have to pay an expensive consultant like my wife to go out and develop. It is likely that PBS would survive *in some form* without public support, but then it would no longer be public broadcasting, with its myriad advantages in terms of quality and educational programming that is not dictated by commercial concerns.

This isn't about the incredibly insignificant amount PBS funding adds to our deficits. There were no-bid military contracts in the Iraq War that by themselves could have funded PBS fully for decades. Mitt's conspicuous selection of PBS for the chopping block has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility or "borrowing from China." This is about the right wing's ongoing war against education, science, and culture.
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