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Subject:  Re: PBS's Scorching Reply To Mitt Date:  10/5/2012  7:09 PM
Author:  TMFSpeck Number:  1821586 of 2015917

Conversely, if this supposed "public" broadcasting brand is capable on standing on its own, then so should it. As for the rest of PBS's output – the eternal replays of the Peter, Paul & Mary reunion concert, twee Brit sitcoms, Lawrence Welk reruns and therapeutic infomercials – whatever their charms, it is difficult to see why the Brokest Nation in History should be borrowing money from the Chinese Politburo to pay for it.

Not every PBS show is for everyone. It's *meant* to be inclusive. But to suggest that old/dead musicians and infomercials is what PBS is all about just tells me that the person who wrote that doesn't know much about PBS.

Let's talk about Nova: The science program that's won numerous awards over it's nearly 40 years, and is shown in classrooms nationwide.

Let's talk about Masterpiece (I used to know it as Masterpiece Theater): The longest running prime time drama series that has garnered 57 Emmys, 17 Peabodys, and two Academy Award nominations.

Let's talk about PBS News Hour: 60 minutes of commercial-free news programm