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Subject:  Re: Lost jobs, looking at wrong thing? Date:  10/5/2012  9:55 PM
Author:  Beridian Number:  410481 of 507041

Think about it...if all those people really become unnecessary you could round them all up and shoot them, and it would have negligible effect on the economy. They're, in effect, dead weight. How do we deal with that (since shooting them is probably a bad idea!). Raise taxes on all the productive people to pay for them? At some point the burden will be too much.

You pay for the unproductive either way, we might as well get some benefit from them by having them accomplish productive tasks. It need not be all for a net loss either. If a modern CCC was able to clear out blighted neighborhoods the land might then find use for industry or agriculture. For that matter, what about the lament of farmers that they can only hire illegals to pick fruit. Get some of the unproductive people picking fruit. What's stupid to me is to allow people to remain unproductive at taxpayer expense while farmers are forced to hire illegals.

Even if the unproductive paid half their way it would be a step in the right direction. But of course this flies in the face of the "small-government", "government can't create jobs", and "all government is bad" mindset. One thing is certain, the private sector will never tackle the problem.

And of course there are some who are capable of very little such as the elderly and those with disabilities. But even then if we were willing to think outside the box there could be some benefit, such as having the elderly assist with child care.
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