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Subject:  Re: Huckabee on Dem Hypocrisy &Cognitive Dissona Date:  10/5/2012  10:32 PM
Author:  Beridian Number:  183305 of 198991

Today, as many as 91 percent of babies diagnosed prenatally with Down Syndrome are aborted. If you’re going to claim to be the only party that cares about people with Down Syndrome, seems to me the least you could do is defend their right to live."

The problem comes after they are born. Then they must have care, expensive life-long care in many cases. Who would you say is more worthy of our compassion and support, a 1rst trimester embryo with clearly understood health issues or a three year old growing up in a dysfunctional environment? You may say why not help both, but this is not the signals we here form the republicans.

As an observer of the republicans and the conservative right, it appears to me that they view anyone who receives government assistance as a welfare queen. A favorite target is medicaid, and make no mistake that medicaid is very expensive. The reality is that the bulk of medicaid money goes to care for the elderly, the disabled and children. Yes, there are some welfare queens out there, and many have three years-olds. You can play hardball with the mother, but it is the child who will suffer.

I know you have a heavy heart about the issue of abortion, however I think you focus on that to the exclusion of the already-born. We have no shortage of people who need help and care. Dare I say it would be better for all if the only babies that were born were those who were wanted by families that are capable of caring for them. My view may seem harsh to you, but life is harsh, and sometimes hard choices need to be faced.
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