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Subject:  Re: Prop 32 Date:  10/6/2012  3:26 AM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  12729 of 12902

Sorry, guess I let time get away from me.

Blaming the Union for every problem sounds more like a management suit...

Quite a leap there, from "forcibly extract dues" to "blaming the union for every problem", dontyathink? For the record, I've never held a management position anywhere in my career.

Your impression that your dues were forcibly extracted is bogus for starters.. You agreed to be a Member

Let me stop you right there, before you get to all the "You did everything I did when I was your age because your situation is EXACTLY the same as mine and that MUST be the only way to do things, right?" stuff. I'm really not sure we're going to get anywhere with this due to fundamental differences in how we perceive unions (the need for capitalization, for a cosmetic - but somehow telling - example). But it's Friday night and the wife and kids are asleep and I've got a cocktail and popcorn next to me so we'll give it a shot anyway.

I "agreed" to be a member because when I had the opportunity to take a certain position (I was already a Boeing employee), that position came with the stipulation that if I wanted to do that job (which was some really cool stuff) I had to be in the union because... well, I was never really told why, just that "that's the way it is" and if I wanted the job sans union I could go pound sand. It was cool stuff and I wanted to do it, so I shrugged and took it.

If the choice of "agreeing" to be a member boils down to either:
a) have a job and be bound by the union contract, whatever it is and whatever it changes into in the future, or
b) quit your job
then it's really not much of a choice, is it?

Allow me to offer a similar "choice", for comparison:
a) have a job and submit to your employer withholding the FICA payroll tax for Social Security and Medicare, or
b) quit your job.
The exact same amount of choice is offered there, which is to say - if you want to put a roof over your family's heads - none at all. So yeah, I'd say "forcibly/compulsory" isn't far off.

So yes, I suppose I did "agree" to be a member, and so does every other Joe who doesn't quit his union job the moment he disagrees with something the union does "on his behalf". But then, I was fortunate to be one of the lucky few who was in a union that didn't have compulsory dues. Even though I had no choice but to be bound by the union contract (whic