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Subject:  Re: Hillary turned down Steven's request Date:  10/6/2012  8:51 AM
Author:  WatchingTheHerd Number:  1821691 of 2207135

What the ABC News blog post actually stated is this:

ABC News has obtained an internal State Department email from May 3, 2012, indicating that the State Department denied a request from the security team at the Embassy of Libya to retain a DC-3 airplane in the country to better conduct their duties.

That sounds to me like a request from the onsite team for air transportation capabilities to move around the country and possibly evacuate the country if the time came for it. Why was the request denied? Possibly because no one thought a large plane would be assured of being able to land at random airports throughout the country safely given logistical issues with known airports or the attention a US plane might draw landing at one of those airports? Impossible to tell at this point.

Also, from the wording of this request, it came from the embassy staff in Tripoli and requested a plane to be kept somewhere in the country, not necessarily in the backyard of the consulate office attacked in Benghazi.

That's far different than the onsite staff requesting 20 armed Marines to literally fend off attacks that might hit the consulate. Having a DC-3 plane available at a nearby airport would not help "protect" a consulate office from a terrorist attack team sneaking up to the building under the guise of a (relatively slow) escalating protest in a matter of an hour or two then opening fire with RPGs. By the time the staff realized the situation was an attack not a protest, they'd have no way to GET to the DC-3 plane, even if it was only a mile away.

There may very well BE such a smoking gun email showing request for a large increase in the size of the armed security forces to protect that consulate or all of the clusters of State Department personnel scattered about the country but this email isn't it.

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