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Subject:  How the Liberal Media Ruined Obama Date:  10/6/2012  9:22 AM
Author:  LurkerMom Number:  1821699 of 2011117

This is an excellent article. It is one the left will howl about. It speaks volumes of truth and is right on target. In fact, it echoes some of the things I said during the prior presidential campaign.
It is the prez who lied and cheated his way into Office and the left covered for him with smoke and mirrors. Anyone who dared speak out against the prez was branded a racist as I was over and over again here on the PA.
A few from the LSM are now actually speaking out. The late night comedians are making fun of the prez with hints of scorn for him. They realized the prez actually is a phony who exposed himself at the debate with Mitt Romney.
I'm sure by next debate the prez will be loaded with bear, Chicago style...the prez will be pumped up with his Chicago style thugery and no doubt will 'bring a gun to the knife fight'. I hope and trust Mitt Romney will be ready for the empty chair and further expose the phony prez.

"Wednesday's presidential debate revealed the same tight-lipped, flustered president -- unprepared for Jim Lehrer's reluctance to intervene and stop Romney from daring to question and attack his record.
This is not Romney's fault. It isn't even Obama's fault. It is the fault of America's leftist liberal media who have continually misled Obama into thinking he would never have to answer to his record.
And so the media is quickly back on task, as David Axelrod so aptly conveyed to CNN's Candy Crowley, saying, "I know you and others are going to be following this tomorrow and so are the American people." In other words, clean up this mess. Only the mess is Obama's record, and the media is right to cry. Americans' eyes are opening. They are no longer buying into the notion of hope, because hope now has a record: a record unemployment rate, a record thirty-two percent of Americans on food stamps, and record-high gas and commodities prices. Republicans have a candidate -- as evidenced by the debate -- who is not afraid to confront Obama on his record and who, most importantly, has the courage to run on his own good record and experience rather than good wishes.
This time is different. In 2008, the media was able to aid Obama in pulling the wool over America's eyes. This time, the media will not be able to take Obama out of the equation and make every pensive question about him the fault and flaw of the circumstances and people around him. In other words, the media was able to make 2008 race about electing Obama while at the same time never fully vetting or making known very much about him. The media made Hillary Clinton look whiny and weak when asking about the differences in the debate questions. They viciously attacked Sarah Palin, making the race about cults of personality and Saturday Night Live. They painted the Tea Party as bigoted racists who didn't approve of a black president."

read the whole article...
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