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Subject:  Re: Jack Welch hates Obama Date:  10/6/2012  10:32 AM
Author:  samindo Number:  1821720 of 2204433

Thank you for this post. There is so much misinformation going on out there, especially this election year. Although so many think of Welch as a Business genuis, I think the Welch reign was what brought American manufacturing to its untimely and early exodus from world-class to second-class.

As an American citizen I am expected to die for my country, but if I am an American businesseman, my American loyalty dies with my need to make a profit AT ANY COST, and move my business, sell out my jobs, to the lowest cost basis. Don't blame Obama for job loss, blame GE and Welch for their shortsighted policies that may still be the death of the American economy. If these pillars of business had one ounce of the patritiosim of the typical American citizen, those men and women dying in foreign wars, America would be thriving again.

I have been in business for my entire 38 year career. I have seen a very clear shift in the Corporate mentality driven by personal greed, ego and hubris.The Jack Welches and Wal-Marts of the world have sold America out. It is that simple and that easy to understand.

I appreciate competition, and love many aspects of the challenges in building and growing a business. My current Company is an American made product and we are growing 30-40% per year with American manufacturing. We breezed through the recession,and paid out significant profit sharing and gave additional 401k contributions to all employees.

Please don't give me that crap about global competitveness. That's like the salesmen who can't make a margin, but sells like crazy, and says he's making it up in volume. If Welch was so smart he would have figured out how to make a profit, and still keep the American economy thriving. Any schmuck, can move to the low cost producer, but a real genuis figures out how to help all boats rise in his own harbor.
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