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Subject:  Re: Poll: 47% club Date:  10/6/2012  11:40 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  45766 of 117508

"interesting point of view about Jesus. However, I don't think he was talking to the government when he said "take care of the poor". He was talking to the future church."
"The story is that he was talking to us, the people. The day when we are all part of the "future church" has not arrived, but we do all pay taxes (yes, we all do) to government, and government is supposed to use some of the tax money to take care of the poor. Simple enough" - crassfool


I freely admit that if I'm not forced to pay my fair share I won't. I know I'm a frugal, cheapskate, tightwad and I'm fairly sure pretty much everyone else knows it too. Shaming me hasn't seemed to work so far.

I have read studies online that say that Churches and other charitable organizations fall far short of what is needed to take care of the poor. If not for Government support there would be hordes of poor people who would do whatever it takes to fill their bellies and take care of their families.

I'm sure that this is part of the reason for "welfare." It's not entirely altruistic. Perhaps it's cheaper to pay up front instead of waiting to have to deal with the crime and instability that would be caused by the dispossessed. We might look a lot more like Latin America with stone walls topped with broken glass around our houses if we didn't have the welfare system in place that we do. Our cities might be surrounded by favelas just like many other cities around the world.

To quote Bob Marley, "a hungry man is an angry man."

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