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Subject:  Re: "Agent economy" of part-timers Date:  10/6/2012  1:21 PM
Author:  flyerboys Number:  405409 of 479883

This thread takes Macro economics into Moral Economics. How should we live and how should we raise and train our children to live?

I went from employee to contractor/consultant after 5 years of saving like mad, but most importantly after finding a niche (Vaxen kernel programming) where customers had a great sense of urgency as contract deadline grew near.

I would work weeks with little sleep, often on a cot near the computer console, in a state of self-induced mania. Huge payoffs. Then I would recover and sleep for a week, and then spend time relaxing, training in new skills (in those days I was mastering C and my favorite, a weird language called FORTH, and marketing/awaiting the next project. I was "working" about 2 out of every 5 days but in very irregular lumps (40 days ON n