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Subject:  Re: "Agent economy" of part-timers Date:  10/6/2012  1:21 PM
Author:  flyerboys Number:  405409 of 535117

This thread takes Macro economics into Moral Economics. How should we live and how should we raise and train our children to live?

I went from employee to contractor/consultant after 5 years of saving like mad, but most importantly after finding a niche (Vaxen kernel programming) where customers had a great sense of urgency as contract deadline grew near.

I would work weeks with little sleep, often on a cot near the computer console, in a state of self-induced mania. Huge payoffs. Then I would recover and sleep for a week, and then spend time relaxing, training in new skills (in those days I was mastering C and my favorite, a weird language called FORTH, and marketing/awaiting the next project. I was "working" about 2 out of every 5 days but in very irregular lumps (40 days ON nonstop and then 100 days 'OFF') but making 3-4 times annually what I had made before.

I bought private health insurance in 1979, holding on for dear life ever since until this year, when the price was simply too astronomical. Health Reform divorcing insurance from place of business is necessary if independent businesses and contractors are to survive.

It is very very hard to teach people how to do independent contractor if they were not raised to do it. However, some nomadic groups live this way naturally, and so we need to look at the large scale infrastructure of Culture/Childhood Training/Economics/Religion as a the boundaries of possible microeconomics.

david fb
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