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Subject:  Re: The Undoing Of Storybook Man Date:  10/6/2012  5:37 PM
Author:  straitarrow Number:  647440 of 876084

Thanks 2828, your OP is a great article and so true!

Obama's rapid rise to power reminds me of Peter Sellers movie "Being There".
(I watched it again last night and loved it!) It is well worth checking out.


Basic plot --
"Sellers creates a character that's empty, vapid, and with nothing to say, but exuding profundity, calculation, and utter Zen.
Although more than 25 years old, "Being There" is a vital statement ....on how we develop our heroes, and on how power perpetuates itself. And it's funny as hell."

"It is a placid fable about Chance , a reclusive, illiterate, passive and simple-minded gardener who is well-groomed, fed on schedule, and dressed in custom-tailored suits, has lived his whole sheltered life on the walled-in estate of an eccentric millionaire named Jennings.

"When Chance's benefactor dies, he is evicted by the estate's lawyers and wanders aimlessly and helplessly into the streets of Washington, D. C. ..... in a freak accident, he is struck by a limousine owned by Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine) and bruises his legs. She takes him to her dying, patriarchal, industrialist husband Benjamin's home for treatment from her personal physician and recuperation. During the trip, he identifies himself as "Chance...the gardener," which is incorrectly interpreted to be his full name - Chauncey Gardiner.

"Chance's empty-headed pronouncements and generalizations, delivered dead-pan, are taken to be profoundly intelligent, metaphorically deep, and wisely insightful. He becomes wealthy, is treated as a famous celebrity in the media, and becomes a political adviser for the rich and powerful, including President 'Bobby' (Jack Warden). His new-found popularity leads to talk-show appearances, insider parties, book publisher advances, and the potential to become a presidential candidate."

Sound familiar??
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