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Subject:  Re: wet carpet Date:  10/7/2012  8:20 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  122450 of 137311

You only get mold with repeated cycles of wetness, one incident is not going to make the difference. If you don't get it dry you can get mildew, however, which can smell. Usually it's enough to vacuum up as much as you can, then run a fan over the wet area for a few days. When you think it's dry, run the fan for a few more days to insure that the wet pad wicks up the moisture and releases it.

If the area is really extensive and/or there's other damage, you may want to think about insurance. Remember that the water can travel horizontally before it travels vertically in the carpet, so it may be moist in a larger area than you can see.

If you're nervous about it, see if you can lift an edge at a doorway (where you can easily put it back down with a new trim piece), hold it up an inch or two with a wood block or something and get some air down below. Rental places have special fans designed for exactly this purpose, they look like a giant hair blow dryer, upside down, where the nozzle slides under the carpet edge and delivers big volumes of air at high pressure. (Not usually necessary except for the most extreme cases.)
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