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Subject:  Re: Etch A Few Sketches.... Date:  10/7/2012  10:54 AM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  1821964 of 2203972

notehound: You've described the first candidate since Bill Clinton who can deal with congressional gridlock. Moving the country "forward," will take skillful "tacking" - just like a boat sailing into the wind. Clinton mastered the art of "triangulation." Romney can sketch consensus with any of these old (and young) coots - of almost any political stripe. He's taken the same position as most of them at one time or another - and knows how to acknowledge their POV with respect.

Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney doesn't mind scheduling meetings and making phone calls to individual legislators and power brokers on both sides of the aisle. He doesn't insist on being the center of attention or expect others to bow to his will.

You know this, how? I am amazed, simply astounded, at all the lies from Romney, but people have to be paying CLOSE attention to root out the lies and find the true facts. Swing voters, undecided voters, they don't pay close attention. Flip flopping isn't some sort of interesting exercise in political maneuvering. He has no core. He will say and do anything to win. You gave no proof that your above statement is true. just a few articles on the first page of a google search--
Mitt Romney's CEO Style Rankled Massachusetts Lawmakers
Unlike his three GOP gubernatorial predecessors, the politically inexperienced Romney was never at ease in the chummy world of trading favors for votes....
Some Democratic lawmakers accused Romney of being aloof, unapproachable and not much interested in working with them to build the kind of friendships and alliances that are needed to help pass legislation....
Finneran said it quickly became apparent that Romney was issuing marching orders, not seeking their advice. "Initially his sense was, `I have been elected governor, I am the CEO here and you guys are the board of directors and you monitor the implementation of what I say,'"
Tom Menino criticizes Mitt Romney at Democratic convention, makes no endorsement in Senate race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown
“Mitt likes business-speak,” Menino added. “Think of me as a reference check. In Massachusetts, Mitt Romney had the one job in his life that’s closest to being president, and he wasn’t all that good at it.”

(this article points out his successes as Governor, too. I am just using this quote to show he didn't "work with legislators" the way you suggest)
Romney Claims of Bipartisanship as Governor Face Challenge
"...the record as governor he alluded to looks considerably less burnished than Mr. Romney suggested. Bipartisanship was in short supply; Statehouse Democrats complained he variously ignored, insulted or opposed them, with intermittent charm offensives. He vetoed scores of legislative initiatives and excised budget line items a remarkable 844 times, according to the nonpartisan research group Lawmakers reciprocated by quickly overriding the vast bulk of them."
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