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Subject:  Re: the iPad future Date:  10/7/2012  1:59 PM
Author:  PuddinHead42 Number:  9791 of 9952

They would not fall that far. I would be very surprised if any of my math textbooks would fall below $25, and even that level seems unlikely.

I would be surprised if they did not fall that far. I think you are way underestimating the future and technology. I think you may be stuck in the current paradigm. I may be overestimating the time frame, but this will happen. When somebody looked at a rotary phone in 1975, they would have never conceived of an iPhone. When the $200 HP calculator came out in the 70s, who would have imagined a $2 solar powered calculator or said that every student will own one of these?

Look at the kind of content becoming available for free already.

Kahn Academy has 3400 videos (about 10 minutes each). Look at just the 12 math subjects through Calculus, differential equations, linear algebra. This is a glimpse at the future.

Yes, there is a lot of bloat in the system that can be removed. But look at the e-book market on Amazon. Plenty of books cannot go below the $12.99 level due to price floors set by the publisher. And that's for books that sell for under $25 at Barnes and Noble. If the book currently sells for $100+, the publisher is still going to step in, but at a much higher level.

It is not just bloat, it is the pricing of a monopoly. There are only a few publishers of text books, the market for hard books is locked. Why can't the Gates foundation fund creating the best elementary school math books? Books that once written don't have to change, of if they have minor fixes, they are automatically updated - free and immediate. Why can't Apple create or sponsor some innovative iCourses to start the ball rolling? Look at what Apple has done to the music industry.

Sure, a publisher has no incentive to sell Harry Potter cheaper as an e-book than as paper, and they make even more profits. But "new" books sell because they are interesting and get on Oprah's book list. But a math book is not in that category. Once a great one is written, why write a new one every year or every 4 years. Addition does not chan