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Subject:  Yesterday and today Date:  10/7/2012  5:43 PM
Author:  LuckyDog2002 Number:  647563 of 794656

Yesterday, I went with my neighbor to Petsmart to look for a little dog and dang if we didn't see one after walking up to the area where the rescue group had the dogs. A little Jack Russell, about a yr, female, a little whippersnapper. My old neighbor had just put her dog to sleep a few wks back and asked for my help. This little dog is adorable, nice white teeth, I think it's a purebred, not that that means much but it's a short legged, rough coat Jack. If I didn't have two doggies, that dog would have been mine.

She filled out papers, the rescue lady talked to me and my neighbor and a friend of the neighbor came by to see the dog and she asked me if I had any doubts about my neighbor being able to handle the dog and I told them both that I was wondering about her use of the cane but that she had experience with Jack's and with obedience training and she is going to take the dog to obed. training and so, that will be a big plus for both she and the dog.

I'm surprised the little one was allowed to come home but our obed. backgrounds and my vouching she had a fence and had trained dogs before may have helped them in deciding she was a safe choice.

We were both beaming coming home. The dog is so cute and my neighbor and her companion<helps her in the home> will have their hands full getting to know this little one. She's a little smaller than my Jack.
My neighbor said she slept through the night and I told her she'll probably do that for the next couple of days, just exhausted from all the moving around. The pound found her and the rescue group got her on Oct. 1 and had her spayed and vaccinated.

I took my little ones to a Blessing of the Animals today at a Catholic Church...kind of different and very brief compared to a few others I'd been to. They did have water sprinkled over their heads though. :) My wish if for the chemo dog to continue to do well and for her to start moving around a little easier....her joints have been aching ever since she jumped off the dang bed